The Cherry Orchard

There is no question about it: Cherry Orchard is exactly as Chekhov described it, a comedy with moments of pure farce. Madame Ranevskya`s estate is bankrupt. To meet their debts the family house and its famous cherry orchard must be sold. The family finds this an absurd idea and cannot accept that the world is changing. To tell a story with infinite compassion of people hopelessly incapable of dealing with realty, and in a comedic way, and laced with sadness, is the stuff of genius. Chekhov`s characters are delightful, vigorous, absurd people, loveable in their blindness.

Because it first saw life in Russia in 1904, to see the play as prescient of events that followed in Russia is to diminish the depth and wonder of this masterpiece, that in its profound understanding of human nature is limitless as to time and place, as its ever presence on a stage somewhere in the world testifies.

At the end we may say `you are fools` as we see this household lightly embark on a future believing that tomorrow will be different, because we know that life will defeat them.