The Physicists

The Physicists is a witty, mysterious, black comedy, last performed at the Donmar Warehouse in 2012. From curtain up, the audience is thrust amidst a brutal murder investigation and then led on an astounding journey through the strange happenings at the private sanatorium, in a battle to discover the truth… Who is truly sane?

The play takes place in the 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, in Les Cerisiers, an asylum for the mentally disturbed. Our story unfolds in the private drawing room which confines three physicists. One believes he is Isaac Newton, another believes he is Einstein and the third professes to be himself, but claims to receive frequent visits from King Solomon, who discloses the key ingredients of how to restore the world to its original state of goodness and perfection. From the outset, Doctor Zahnd appears calm and collected, but we soon discover this character knows more than she originally lets on and, before they know it, the physicists find they have dug themselves a hole out of which they cannot easily escape. The story unravels with a dark, malevolent secret, which later unveils the devastating consequences, should scientific evolution fall into the wrong hands.

Performed in the main house.