Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies

Directed by Robert Lowe

‘A true feast – sober, wise and extremely funny’ – New York Times

Pulitzer Prize winner 2000

We shall be staging the UK Amateur Premiere!

Playing dates: 26th Sept – 6th Oct. 2018

Rehearsals will begin mid-August.


Dinner with Friends is a witty portrayal of marriage in those middle years that explores our dependency on our friends as well as our other halves.

This is a great play for four serious, yet playful actors to get their teeth into!

Gabe and Karen, a happily married, middle-aged couple, live in Connecticut, with their happy children (never seen, just heard!). They have been friends with Tom and Beth, another married couple, for many years. In fact, Gabe and Karen introduced their friends to each other in the first place.

While having dinner at Gabe and Karen’s home, Beth tearfully reveals that she is getting a divorce from Tom, who has been unfaithful.Tom, who had been away on business, finds out that Beth has told their friends about the impending divorce. Tom and Beth had planned to tell their friends about their breakup together, but Tom now believes that Beth has presented herself as the wronged party, and feels he must present his own side of the story.

Tom and Beth’s breakup affects Gabe and Karen, who first feel compelled to choose sides, and then begin to question the strength of their own seemingly tranquil marriage. Gabe and Karen begin to see the real meaning behind their friendships with Tom and Beth, and to question their own marriage. The start of the second Act flashes back 12 years to a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard, when Karen and Gabe introduced Beth to Tom.


Gabe:        40s. Husband of Karen. A food critic who delights in both cooking and taking food based holidays – particularly in Italy. Tom’s best friend. He tolerates Beth for his friend’s and wife’s sake, but does not trust her. He and Karen have a very ordered, possibly too ordered, life. He offers to become the peacemaker in his friend’s marriage. There is a seeming innocence about him.

Karen:       40s. Wife of Gabe. A publisher. Also a foodie and travel fanatic. She and Gabe are very similar, in being highly organised, almost to the point of making their life too simple and bland. She immediately takes Beth’s side in the breakup.

Beth:         40s. Wife of Tom. She is an artist, but probably not a very good one. She has recently discovered Tom is having an affair. Lives more on her emotions than on rational thought. Leans on Karen for support, but is also quite manipulative.

Tom:         40s. Husband of Beth. A lawyer. Travels a lot for business. Has been having an affair with a travel agent. Resents Beth for telling their friends about their divorce without him being there. Wants to make his life more exciting.

For more information, or if you are interested in auditioning for Dinner with Friends, but are unable to make the date, please contact the director Robert Lowe

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