Directed by Sue Moore

MAIN HOUSE 23RD January – 2nd February 2019

Audition Sunday 24th June at 3.30 p.m.

Rehearsals will start in late November and there will be a two week break over Christmas and New Year, resuming rehearsals in early Jan.

“The combination of private pain and public rage in David Hare’s play hits you straight between the eyes. Some plays dissolve with time. David Hare’s Skylight actually seems to have got richer since its premiere in 1995”

Michael Billington  Guardian

Skylight is a complex, thought-provoking, funny and remarkably timeless play about power, politics, and passion.

On a chilly night in East London, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit first from Edward Sergeant and then his father Tom Sergeant, Kyra’s one-time boss and long-time lover. After the painful (and unresolved) dissolution of Tom and Kyra’s relationship, the pair have pulled away from each other physically, emotionally, and ideologically, as Tom continues to focus on his business life and Kyra puts all her energy into teaching in an East End School.

For two hours, Kyra and Tom argue and tease each other as they rake over the ashes of an affair that lasted for six years. There is a bruising emotional truth in the writing, and an exhilarating mixture of wit and anger.

The writing beautifully conveys the hurt inside these two wounded, stubborn creatures


Tom:   50’s   wealthy, successful businessman who is also needy, vulnerable and caustically funny.   Confident in business, full of stylish swagger, but low emotional intelligence.

Kyra: 30’s a capable and caring teacher, full of quiet determination.  A Sussex solicitor’s daughter teaching in a tough school, indignant about uneven political decision making, a touch self-righteous.

Edward     : 20’s  Tom’s son who cares and is concerned about them both and gives perspective.  A catalyst who wants to restore some happiness.  Leads ‘book end’ scenes in the play – one of exposition, the other gloriously uplifting.

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